SOC 2 Type 1, 2 & 3

Autopilot your compliance to complete SOC 2 in 6-12 months. Identify your scope, and build your documentation for Type 1 and automate evidence collection and control implementation for ongong Type 2 Certification, driven by API integration to automate and expedite your processes.

Key Features

Expedited Implementation

Policy and procedural templates, mapping and guided control content for all SOC criteria.

AICPA SOC Crosswalks for Control Consolidation

SOC mapped to ISO, NIST and more for control consolidation.

API Integration to Automate Workflows

Automated evidence collection and corrective action workflows to expedite readiness and maintain ongoing compliance.

Auditor Relationships

C1Risk can help you find an auditor that is right for you.


All-in-One Access

Single pricing for access to ALL modules. No per module pricing and no hidden costs.

Risk Scorecards

Enterprise, Operational, ESG, Third-Party, IT and Cyber Risk scorecard for every stakeholder; Investors, Board of Directors, C-Suite, Senior Leadership, IT, Legal, Risk and Compliance Teams.

Continuous Monitoring

Automated evidence collection and corrective actions managed at-scale to gain total risk coverage and grow your business.

All-in-Intuitive Reports & Data

Easy to read built-in analytical dashboards & reports with rich visualizations for real-time insights.

Centralized Tracking

ONE single source of truth to maintain risk for enterprise risk, controls and management of all documentation -- audit reports, evidence, findings, incident reports, contracts and assets.

Content Library & Templates

Extensive policy, procedures, assessment templates and control library with crosswalk to global frameworks such as: ISO, SOC2, NIST, GDPR, NY-DFS, PCI, HIPAA, HiTrust, CMMC, NERC, DFAR and more.


Open source platform for Graph REST API to easily integrate multiple enterprise applications. Available integrations such as: AWS, Azure, GCP, Jira, Nexpose and more.


Support services provided by real experts to help or manage risk and to extend your GRC functions.

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