“C1Risk increased my productivity by at least 50-75%…”


Automated Risk, Compliance Audit and
CyberSecurity processes for all industries

Build Trust with Stakeholders

C1Risk streamlines IT, operational and enterprise risk to enable organizations to make real-time business decisions to improve business performance and reduce losses. The 1Risk Platform builds trust with stakeholders through continuous risk monitoring, risk visibility and reporting capabilities, and automation efficiency.


Integrated Management of Third-Party Risks

Build growth and trust with C1Risk’s automated end-to-end processes for gathering information, on-boarding, continuous monitoring, compliance, control assessments, and risk mitigation to prevent third-party risks.


Manage IT and Cyber Risk with Confidence

CyberOne streamlines and automates the development of comprehensive IT and cyber security risk programs. Create consumable reports for all stakeholders – board, management, auditors and team, and work smarter with the 1Risk Platform REST API integration.


Staying Agile and Efficient with Policies

The 1Risk Platform simplifies and streamlines the creation and communication of policies, while providing a central policy portal to store and access the latest policies. It maps policies to regulations, risks, and controls, to strengthen compliance while highlighting potential gaps.


Accelerate Audit Readiness with Confidence

C1Risk delivers speed and efficiency through automation, integration, and elimination of redundant processes. Expedite compliance for SOC 2, ISO, HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, NY-DFS, GDPR or unlimited global frameworks, crosswalked with guided content and live support to guarantee success.


Reducing Errors and Accelerating Audit Reports

The 1Risk Platform provides Modern techniques and collaborative resources to capture evidence, real-time reporting for visibility into the audit processes, as well as audit findings, issue management and trending analysis.


Easy to Manage LGRC

C1Risk removes the complexity of managing legal risk with a full policy creation, review and publishing process for regulatory compliance and due diligence in the 1Risk Platform.

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HR Compliance for Risk and Security

HR teams can expedite compliance for HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA and regulatory compliance with The One Platform. Access templates and guided content as well as live support services to ensure your success.



An open source platform with Graph REST API to easily
connect with all your existing enterprise applications.

Microsoft Azure




Rapid 7






A single, integrated, interconnected system designed to be
the ONE source of truth for risk in your organization.

“The product helped me organize, monitor, and process several hundred pieces of information into one convenient place. Audits can be very stressful if you are not fully prepared. C1Risk has given me the confidence, as an end user, to meet all requirements.”

Core Features

All-in-One Access

Single pricing for access to ALL modules. No per module pricing and no hidden costs.

Risk Scorecards

Enterprise, Operational, ESG, Third-Party, IT and Cyber Risk scorecard for every stakeholder; Investors, Board of Directors, C-Suite, Senior Leadership, IT, Legal, Risk and Compliance Teams.

Continuous Monitoring

Automated evidence collection and corrective actions managed at-scale to gain total risk coverage and grow your business.

All-in-Intuitive Reports & Data

Easy to read built-in analytical dashboards & reports with rich visualizations for real-time insights.

Centralized Tracking

ONE single source of truth to maintain risk for enterprise risk, controls and management of all documentation — audit reports, evidence, findings, incident reports, contracts and assets.

Content Library & Templates

Extensive policy, procedures, assessment templates and control library with crosswalk to global frameworks such as: ISO, SOC2, NIST, GDPR, NY-DFS, PCI, HIPAA, HiTrust, CMMC, NERC, DFAR and more.


Open source platform for Graph REST API to easily integrate multiple enterprise applications. Available integrations such as: AWS, Azure, GCP, Jira, Nexpose and more.


Support services provided by real experts to help or manage risk and to extend your GRC functions.

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